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  • Feb. 22, 2019

If you're ready to reach higher when it comes to your career, online learning platforms are a good way to go and Edureka is definitely one of the best options out there. It offers top-trending certification classes held by reputable instructors. It appears that the platform is a highly effective way to learn and achieve new abilities in the technology field.

What Is Edureka?

Edureka is a popular eLearning platform with over 400'000 students and thousands of hours of training. On this website, you will find a wide range of projects and assignments. It specializes in digital marketing, IT, and technology courses. This technical training platform provides all kinds of specialized programs like cloud computing, blockchain courses, Big Data, artificial intelligence, and many others.

The eLearning provider is owned by Lovleen Bhatia and it is a private and independent company whose main competitor is SimpliLearn. It was founded in 2011 and its headquarters are located in Bangalore, India. According to an online source, the company's estimated annual revenue is 5.2 million dollars but their main profit-related goal is to become a company that's worth 50 million dollars in the following couple of years.

Despite the fact that the company started as a small business initiative, it has quickly become one of the most popular online training platforms on the globe. As an active member, you will see that Edureka is mainly focused on offering hands-on and straightforward practical tasks and assignments. Also, the organization collaborates with a lot of educational institutions and skilled teachers.

What Courses Does Edureka Offer?

There are no less than 19 different course categories that are available on the Edureka online platform:

  • Big Data - Hadoop certification program, Apache Kafka training, Python Spark certification, etc.;
  • Software testing - manual testing certification, Selenium certification program, Automation testing with TestComplete 11.0, etc.;
  • Cloud computing - AWS architect, AWS development certification, Microsoft Azure training, Microservices architecture training, etc.;
  • Artificial intelligence - TensorFlow deep learning program, Mahout certification machine learning program, graphical models, etc.;
  • Robotic Process Automation - UiPath robotic process automation certification program;
  • Frontend development - Redux ReactJS certification program, JavaScript training, angular certification course, etc.;
  • Cybersecurity - cybersecurity certification course;
  • Blockchain - Ethereum developer certification, blockchain certification program;
  • Mobile development - iOS app development training, Android app development program;
  • DevOps training - Kubernetes certification training, Jenkins certification continuous integration program, DevOps engineer master course, Git and GitHub, etc.;
  • Data science - R certification data analytics program, SAS training, data scientist certification course, Python certification program, etc.;
  • Project management and methodologies - PMI Agile practitioner certification, PMP certification exam training, PRINCE2 practitioner course, project and infrastructure financing, etc.;
  • Databases courses - MongoDB certification, MySQL DBA program, SQL essentials course, Teradata certification program, etc.;
  • Digital marketing - measuring social media ROI (return on investment), mastering Google Analytics, etc.;
  • Operating systems - Linux fundamentals, Linux administration, Unix Shell scripting training;
  • BI and visualization - Microsoft Power, Business Intelligence master program, Advanced MS Excel training, QlikView training, Pentaho BI certification, etc.;
  • Programming and frameworks - full stack web developer, Java, Python scripting, Node.js certification, Python Django, etc.;
  • Data Warehousing and ETL - Informatica training, data warehousing training, Talend for data integration certification, etc.;
  • Architecture and design patterns - design patterns certification course, TOGAF 9.2 training.

Edureka's Main Features

  • Trending courses - Edureka features some of the highest demanding skill improvement programs out there: Python, DevOps certification, and others;
  • Apps - Active members have the possibility to download the Edureka app on their smartphone, tablet, or another device. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Moreover, what differentiates this particular application from other similar software is the fact that, as a subscriber, you can audit live lectures right there on the app;
  • All the courses are comprehensive;
  • 24/7 customer support - Edureka provides good on-demand support through which you can receive help and guidance with your courses. What's even better is that you can benefit from this service around the clock;
  • Most users say that the quality of the lectures in terms of image and video resolution is very good.

Edureka Review - Pros and Cons


  • The platform offers some of the best IT training programs on the market;
  • The costs and fees are quite affordable;
  • Their customer support is well-organized and users will normally receive quick responses and guidance from the company's representatives;
  • The course timings are good and flexible;
  • According to most reviewers, all Edureka lecturers are experienced and able to provide real-time scenarios. Moreover, their teaching method is hands-on;
  • Once you enroll in a class, you can go back to its materials such as videos and documents any time you want;
  • Overall, Edureka is a great opportunity if you want to learn new things or develop already-existing skills. In other words, it represents an excellent place for growth, where you can learn and experiment at your own pace.


  • Some learners seem to think that Edureka should improve their services in terms of professionalism;
  • Although most students are pleased with the platform's customer support, a few of them stated that there's a certain delay in getting responses but the eLearning provider has promised to fix those issues as soon as possible;
  • Although most training programs are pretty affordable, some courses are a tad on the pricey side;
  • A few users have complained about the fact that the company doesn't make course upgrades as often as they should;
  • Certain processes that learners must follow are a tad burdensome at times.

How Does Edureka Work? - The Full Process Revealed

According to the company, Edureka's employees are completely committed to helping you achieve all your learning goals while also having a pleasant and satisfying experience when interacting with the platform. First of all, a learning manager will contact you to get you oriented with both the company's mobile platform and the website. Any doubts you may have, feel free to share them with your personal manager.

Secondly, you will be able to participate in live screen sharing courses which are interactive online lectures with a program's instructor. There, you will witness step-by-step demonstrations led by qualified and experienced professionals. Also, you will be a part of live Q&A sessions. Even when you miss a live class, you won't miss what has been taught because Edureka records all the lectures and then uploads them to your personal LMS.

Still, at Edureka, it's not only about their live classes. Their employees want to make sure their students practice as much as possible so they provide a lot of practical assignments and quizzes through which you will better understand all the concepts you have learned.

How Much Do Edureka Certification Training Courses Cost?

The price varies from one course to another. At the moment, there's a limited price offer available for newcomers. Edureka calls it the triple bonanza discount which consists of the following three components:

  • A self-paced certification training for free;
  • 20% cash back;
  • Flat 10% off.

These courses' costs can be perceived as medium or high, depending on the way you look at them and how well you grasp the full picture. For instance, let's take a look at some of the most popular courses featured on the platform and consider all their benefits, as well:

  • Full stack web developer training (master program) - costs $999 (the initial price was over $2000) and it comes with 9 courses, flexible learning schedule, more than 200 hours of engaging and interactive lectures, and lifetime access to all the course's materials;
  • Cybersecurity certification course - students must pay $260 to enroll and complete this course (the initial price was $289). The program's completion rate is a very high one (80%). At the end of the program, you will receive a certificate with your name on it that states you are a cybersecurity professional;
  • Python Spark certification training - it requires you to pay $404 as long as the offer is still available. Otherwise, learners must take $449 out of their pockets to audit this course. At the end of the program, you will get a certificate that states you're an Apache Spark developer;
  • Microsoft Power BI training - this Edureka course is marketed for the price of $314 but its initial full cost is $349. It will help you master several concepts such as data transformation, SSRS, Power BI custom visuals, and many other useful things. The entire program is held by industry experts. Your certificate will feature the title of "Power BI business analyst."

What Users Say about the Edureka eLearning Platform?

Most opinions are favorable for the platform and the majority of users are more than happy with the way this platform works and its services. However, there are a few people who have complained about Edureka's customer service, saying it can lack speed which is a bit curious considering that the company claims their customer care representatives are always ready to provide assistance. Overall, the website creates a good learning experience, even though it seems that certain training programs are considered a tad basic.

Edureka Review - the Final Verdict

As you can see, Edureka is a good place to start if you want to fast track your professional growth and take your career to the next level. At Edureka, you will earn a valuable and useful certificate that you can even include in your resume. As a matter of fact, the company's employees will help you rewrite your CV and they will also prepare you for your next job interviews if you need to. So, all in all, this eLearning provider represents an excellent chance to learn, gain new important skills, and develop yourself as a person and as a professional.

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