PluralSight Review - Is This eLearning Platform Worth It?

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  • Feb. 8, 2019

If you've come here to read this article, you are probably wondering whether or not PluralSight is the right eLearning platform that can meet or exceed your expectations. Is it worth it? Should you invest your money in taking PluralSight courses and become a subscriber? Stick around because you will find out the answer to all these questions in the following sections.

What Is PluralSight?

PluralSight is one of the most popular eLearning websites out there. Most users say this is definitely a high-quality online course provider which has also an affordable subscription fee. Still, based on your needs and preferences, PluralSight might or might not be the most suitable solution for you, but this decision is yours to make. The good news is you can sign up for a free trial that lasts 10 days to figure out if you like the platform or not. You're free to cancel the subscription whenever you want if you're not pleased with its service.

This online course provider functions based on monthly or annual subscriptions. Their website is rich in useful information and it features high-quality courses. In the catalog section, you will find more than 6'000 different classes.

PluralSight Courses

You can browse their course catalog and filter the programs based on topics:

Some of the platform's most popular courses are the following ones:

  • Angular: Getting Started;
  • C# Fundamentals;
  • Python Fundamentals;
  • Python: Getting Started;
  • TypeScript Fundamentals, etc.

Pros and Cons of PluralSight


  • The monthly fee is affordable and it gives you full access to all PluralSight courses;
  • You can download the company's mobile apps so that you can audit their lectures when you're on the go;
  • All the courses provide useful information that helps you develop important skills;
  • After each completed course, you will receive a certificate which is a great addition to any resume;
  • The courses are led by industry experts and professional lecturers;
  • Users receive customer support via email and phone;
  • You will be able to learn at your own pace and there's the possibility to repeat a session if you feel the need to understand it better.


  • All the courses presented on this platform are technology-related, so if you're looking for other types of course fields such as art or marketing, PluralSight might not be the answer;
  • The platform is great for both beginners and intermediates but it might not be as satisfying for advanced pupils because it lacks some advanced classes;
  • According to some students, certain videos have a pretty poor quality but the company representatives state they have fixed this issue by uploading new videos.

How Much Does It Cost? - PluralSight Pricing Plans and Options

There are two types of subscriptions:

  • Individual subscription;
  • Business subscription.

For personal memberships, there are 3 available pricing options, as follows:

  • Monthly subscription - costs $29;
  • Annual membership - you will be billed $299 per year (if you choose the annual payment alternative, you will save 14%);
  • Premium plans - these have a fee of $449 and you will be charged annually.

When it comes to business plans, PluralSight offers two different alternatives:

  • Professional plans - you will have to pay $499 per year;
  • Enterprise plans - users must pay $699 per year.

What Do These Plans Include?

Personal Plans

  • Monthly - full course library, channels, course completion certificates, learning paths, etc.;
  • Annual - course discussions, offline viewing, course learning checks, apps, exercise files;
  • Premium - all personal features, interactive courses, certification practice exams, and projects.

Business Plans

  • Professional - basic reporting, all premium features, user analytics in case of teams (basic skills analytics, trend analytics, channel analytics, usage analytics);
  • Enterprise - this is a more flexible plan that offers advanced analytics for the entire company; it consists of all premium features combined with all professional features, API access, single sign-on, and data export.

Is It Worth It?

The quality of PluralSight courses is significantly high and they offer higher-education level subjects such as software development, business, manufacturing and design, and many others. If you decide to subscribe to the Premium plan, you will benefit from some extra features. This plan option is recommended only if you truly want to improve your skills while also trying to get a job using those new abilities. For that to happen, you need to be committed to learning. So, as long as you are dedicated enough, your investment will be totally worth it.

What Are Users Saying about PluralSight?

After researching a lot of user opinions, we couldn't find any serious complaint about this platform. It's true, however, that a few students have encountered certain quality discrepancies, saying that the quality of the programs varies from one course to another. Still, most of the services and classes are well-received. The majority of subscribers think that PluralSight lectures are structured well while also offering all the information they need.

On the other hand, advanced users might dislike the fact that these courses provide a lot of basic information in the beginning, but these parts can be easily skipped. According to PluralSight, their platform is used by more than 60% of the companies that are listed in Fortune 500. They have over 15500 business customers and their courses helped people in more than 150 countries all over the world.

PluralSight Review - the Final Verdict

Why Should You Buy a Subscription on PluralSight?

  • By subscribing to PluralSight, you will gain full access to all the courses. What I mean is that during the subscription, you are free to enroll in as many classes as you want;
  • There are thousands of lectures on a lot of subjects and all the skills you will learn are in high demand nowadays: Dev essentials, machine learning, Visual Studio, software development, Microsoft Azure, and many other choices;
  • These courses are suitable for everyone so you can opt for all those classes that suit your level of experience;
  • The course paths are very well defined. Every single path consists of a number of levels that are appropriate for beginners, intermediates, and advanced pupils. So, it's best to start from the beginning and follow the whole path which has a logical flow;
  • PluralSight lecturers are both amazing teachers and industry experts. Their revenue varies depending on how many students are auditing their classes so you might say they have a lot of motivation to come up with great content;
  • Once you enroll in a class, you will gain access to a large array of available learning materials such as exercise files, PDF slides, learning checks, and more;
  • After completing a course, you will receive a certificate that can be downloaded in the form of a PDF file. You can then submit the file to certain job applications or attach it to your resume.

Are There Any Limitations?

  • Limited mentoring - only group plan users receive mentoring from PluralSight. In other words, individuals learners won't reap the benefits of this particular feature;
  • A lot of self-discipline - this is a downside that comes with all eLearning platforms. Following an online course requires a lot of self-discipline because you need to complete a number of lectures through self-study;
  • No refunds - the platform doesn't offer any refunds on their membership payments. If you have already covered the fee, you will be able to access the website's services until your subscription expires.

Final Thoughts

With PluralSight, students can audit courses anywhere they are and using almost any device they want. As you can see, the platform is worth your money, especially when considering that it comes with a lot of benefits and only a few downsides. The classes can be followed by both beginners and more advanced individuals, including businesses. So, if your objective is learning multiple skills in a short period of time, PluralSight will definitely come in handy.

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