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  • March 25, 2019

SimpliLearn is one of the best eLearning platforms on the market. It provides a large array of premium technical and IT programs. Moreover, it offers a lot of unique tools and features that no other online course provider has. If you're wondering what those features are, you should read our review to find out whether or not this option suits your needs in terms of virtual education.

What Is SimpliLearn?

SimpliLearn is one of the largest online course providers that focus on IT sessions. This is a professional certification company that was launched in 2009. At first, it had both online and offline training sessions but, as of 2015, SimpliLearn only offers courses in the digital environment while giving up their brick-and-mortar training centers. Its employees come up with fresh content on a regular basis which has allowed the platform to develop its own LMS (learning management system).

Today, SimpliLearn is a large and popular platform which comes in handy if you want to gain new abilities in fields such as IT, digital marketing, software development, big data analytics, and others.

The company's headquarters are located in San Francisco, California but they also have an office in Bangalore, India. So far, SimpliLearn has helped more than one million professionals in acquiring certifications and developing valuable skills that are in high demand in today's market. A lot of companies from more than 150 countries have used the platform's courses to train their employees.

How Does the Company Stand Out?

SimpliLearn differentiates itself from other platforms in a number of ways. For starters, this provider offers Flexi-Pass programs that are comprised of batches of ILT classes and self-paced sessions. Flexi-Pass lectures include a lot of useful materials such as projects and job-ready assignments inspired directly from the industry. Through them, learners can create CloudLabs which are online sandboxes without paying any maintenance fees.

Besides all these great features, SimpliLearn reaches an average completion rate of almost 68% which situates the platform significantly higher than other eLearning websites that only have approximately 10% completion rate. Furthermore, the courses are created and structured by renowned industry experts. As a student, you won't get bored with this website's classes because they combine a mix of online sessions, teaching assistance, and project work.

Course Catalog and Categories

On SimpliLearn, you will find over 400 different available courses in the following categories:

  • Project management - PMP certification, CAPM certification, digital project manager, etc.;
  • Cloud computing - AWS solution architect, Microsoft Azure fundamentals, blockchain basics, etc.;
  • Cybersecurity - certified information security manager, computer hacking forensic investigator, etc.;
  • Software development - angular training, Java certificate, iOS app developer, Python training, PHP, etc.;
  • Quality management - Lean Six Sigma expert, certified tester foundation level, etc.;
  • Digital marketing - pay per click, social media, search engine optimization, web analytics, mobile marketing, content marketing, email marketing, etc.;
  • Big data - big data architect, MongoDB developer, Impala training, Apache Kafka, etc.;
  • DevOps - Docker Compose in depth, Salt training course, Puppet training course, etc.;
  • Data science and business intelligence - SAS training, data science with Python, business analytics with Excel, Power BI, etc.;
  • Agile and Scrum - Agile Scrum master, professional Scrum product owner, certified Scrum developer, etc.;
  • Salesforce - sales force admin and app builder, sales force platform developer, etc.;
  • AI and machine learning - artificial intelligence engineer, robotic process automation, AI capstone project, etc.;
  • IT service and architecture - ITIL foundation and intermediate training, TOGAF training course.

The Course Catalog's Characteristics

As you can see, the platform's course catalog has a wide range of programs and classes. On the other hand, it lacks the necessary depth that many potential learners seek. One of the categories that SimpliLearn specializes in is given by business courses such as digital marketing and project management. Still, all other options are linked to IT and technology: web applications, web design, databases, and programming.

So, where's exactly the problem? Well, as soon as you start digging deeper into each course category, you will soon notice its narrowness. 400 courses aren't a lot if you consider the fact that SimpliLearn's competitors (Udemy, PluralSight, etc.) offer thousands of alternatives. Nevertheless, all the platform's courses are created by the company and they are all in-depth and comprehensive lectures. Meanwhile, other providers have a lot of glorified how-to lessons or they simply feature other providers' classes with whom they collaborate. Finally, the programs you can follow on SimpliLearn are recognized by an impressive number of accreditation bodies.

Live ILT Sessions

On SimpliLearn, students can discover batches of live ILT sessions which consist of 8 to 10 series of classes. At any given time, the platform features a range of lectures that can be accessed during different days and at different times. You have the freedom to register and unregister for these batches until you find one that suits your schedule and it's convenient for you. Regarding the tutors, according to the company, they are all recruited via LinkedIn, and they must have at least 15 years of experience to be recruited by SimpliLearn.


Another amazing feature of SimpliLearn is its CloudLabs which is a sandbox where students have the possibility to test their projects. With this function, you won't have to deal with issues related to installation, configuration, or even compatibility (which are all problems that people face when it comes to virtual machines). The CloudLabs tab can be found in the menu on the left of the website and once you click on it, a video will start playing that explains the way to access different labs. One advantage is that you can open and work with multiple labs at the same time.

Pros and Cons


  • Unlike other similar platforms, SimpliLearn provides an Immediate Live Chat which appears right at the moment when you enter the website. Through this tool, users can communicate with other students about courses and programs that this eLearning provider has to offer;
  • All the available sessions are ILT which stands for "live instructor-led training." Moreover, the lectures are organized in flexible batches;
  • The interface is a user-friendly one that's also structured well;
  • You can obtain a lot of certificates by completing SimpliLearn courses. What's more important is the fact that these certifications are recognized by accrediting organizations (over 40 institutions and accredited bodies);
  • There's a useful feature on the platform that goes by the name of Callback. If you have a hard time receiving customer support from the platform's representatives, you can simply click on the Callback button which means you're requesting an employee to contact you. This is a great and quick way to achieve the support that you need without the usual hustle. By the way, the button is placed on the bottom part of the website.


  • It specializes only on IT courses, so if you want to follow courses in other domains, this provider might not be a perfect choice;
  • According to a few students, the website's ILT sessions aren't as interesting in practice as they are in theory;
  • The process of accessing the CloudLabs segment can be quite inconvenient and burdensome;
  • Compared to other IT and tech online course providers, SimpliLearn has a pretty thin catalog;
  • It's a tad pricey, especially because we're talking about self-paced courses;
  • The company's return policy is strict, almost draconian.

Pricing Options

The price tag of SimpliLearn's programs varies, based on the course. For instance, you will have to pay $600 if you want to receive the flexi-pass for the Big Data subjects. Other classes cost even more since they are more advanced (see the case of Practitioner Certification Training which is $1500). Still, for the self-paced lectures, these prices might be a bit too high, especially when you think about the fact that other similar platforms offer significantly lower costs for the same programs.

The price options for the PMP Certification Training

What Do Users Say About SimpliLearn? - Ratings and Opinions

On Trustpilot, there are no less than 4240 different reviews and 79% of those opinions are positive ones. The majority of users have rated SimpliLearn as "excellent." 17% of them state that the platform is great while only 3% of those individuals have said that, in their opinion, this eLearning website is only average, poor, or bad.

What Do People Say? - Positive Feedback

  • They like the presentations and say that all courses are enriching;
  • Learners are satisfied with the company's customer support;
  • Students say this is a reliable platform that allows them to train both online and offline;
  • According to users, SimpliLearn is a very good and useful tool with a user-friendly interface.

What Do People Say? - Negative Feedback

Unfortunately, there are a few people who weren't pleased with their SimpliLearn experience. They claim that the company isn't truly professional and that their requests or emails remained unanswered. Another reviewer expressed her disappointment with the AI and data science course, saying that the lectures haven't discussed any specific aspect of those topics. In some cases, users consider certain courses a bit too expensive.

SimpliLearn Review - Drawing to a Close

All in all, SimpliLearn is a great digital tool that can help you develop or improve your IT skills. It's true that the platform has certain limitations, but it still provides a very good online learning experience that is well-suited for professionals. On one hand, the costs can be pretty high. On the other hand, most courses have a high level of comprehensiveness and usefulness.

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