Skillshare Review - an Insightful Analysis of Skillshare - Is This eLearning Platform Worth It?

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  • March 8, 2019

Nowadays, gaining new skills and knowledge from online resources has become a lot easier. Besides schools and universities, you have the chance of improving your abilities through easily accessible online courses. Skillshare is a popular eLearning provider who focuses on interactive classes. It was launched in 2012, and, at first, you could only find 15 courses on the website. Now, with over 2 million students and thousands of available lectures, Skillshare represents one of the best online educational platforms in the world.

What Is Skillshare?

In time, Skillshare has become much more than just a simple online learning tool. It can be perceived as a strong community of both teachers and learners who help each other become better versions of themselves. The entire thing is based on the internet and, through it, trainers are able to send their knowledge to students from all over the world. Skillshare focuses on helping subscribers develop real-world abilities. All a person needs to do is browse through the website's course categories and choose to enroll in one that offers the necessary skills he or she wants to know.

All the classes are project-based ones which means you will learn plenty of practical things. The platform is very well structured so that anyone can easily access useful online content, materials, courses, and presentations linked to basically almost any topic one could be interested in. On Skillshare, learners will find a wide range of available subjects such as cooking, gaming, crafts, business, design, film, music, fashion, marketing, technology, photography, and many others. So, this is definitely a plus for the platform, the fact that it addresses a large variety of students.

On the other hand, as a teacher or trainer, the website offers you the opportunity and possibility to create and publish your own course on Skillshare. As you can see, Skillshare's most important purpose is to empower teachers and students alike by improving their overalls lives. It can do all that by helping them excel in their professional careers and upgrade their performance when it comes to hobbies or passions.

What Does Skillshare Have to Offer? - Course Catalog & More

Once you create an account and become a member of the Skillshare community, you will gain access to more than 26,000 different classes. What's even better is the fact that anyone can join the platform for free. All you have to do is sign up using your Facebook account, Google account, or your email. There are 4 main course categories that this eLearning provider offers:

  • Creative - drawing, illustration, graphic design, photography, animation, writing, music production, etc.;
  • Technology - data science, web development, IT security, product management, mobile development, and game design;
  • Business - accounting, finance, leadership, productivity, marketing, management, sales, business analytics, human resources, etc.;
  • Lifestyle - culinary, home business, teaching, gaming, crafts, health, wellness, languages, and others.

The majority of these classes aim to teach students useful, practical, and well-known topics. Some of these courses are very useful, especially in today's job market. Others are just way too expensive to complete via traditional education methods or spaces. Skillshare has currently more than 2 million learners from all around the globe and all of them are connected through this educational platform. Most lectures are interactive and they are held in English which makes it easier for a large number of people to grasp and understand different perspectives.

Pros and Cons

Skillshare Advantages

  • On Skillshare, students learn new things and develop new skills by doing instead of just reading or auditing classes. You will be able to create projects and share them online;
  • You will learn together with other students through sharing and collaboration. At the moment, Skillshare has a growing community which already exceeds 7 million creators;
  • Users will unlock different capacities, knowledge, strategies, and styles that the world needs today;
  • With Skillshare, you can basically learn from anywhere you want to. You can audit classes while you're on the go due to the platform's app which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices;
  • The platform is user-friendly and it has an easy to use interface;
  • All their videos are high-quality materials (including the free ones);
  • The platform features a straightforward and engaging design which makes the platform easy to navigate;
  • It's less expensive to follow courses on this platform instead of opting for other popular platforms or even traditional forms of classes.

Skillshare Disadvantages

  • While creative courses are great, technical or business ones don't truly reach one's expected standards of quality. Furthermore, another issue is given by the fact that these particular classes are shorter than the artistic or creative lectures;
  • On Skillshare there's no such thing as a video length restriction which means there are videos that last only 10 minutes but you will also find some that have huge lengths (several hours);
  • Their learning process, although interactive, might not suit everyone. Some people learn a lot quicker if they read or listen to lectures. For them, Skillshare might not be the ideal choice.

Who Is Skillshare Suitable for?

This educational platform is suitable for all the people who wish to expand their existing abilities or gain new skills in order to improve their lives. All the lectures provided on Skillshare lead to a better performance in both one's personal and professional life. As a student, you can learn what you want across thousands of available disciplines. You will stay up to date and you will be able to keep track of your own progress.

Most courses also offer a lot of valuable and useful learning tools and materials that you need if you want to grow professionally. With upgraded business skills, you will then be ready to pursue your hobbies, interests, and passions and transform them into a career.

Skillshare's Main Benefits

Flexible and Diverse Learning Goals

This online learning tool is extremely useful and it can help numerous students, regardless of their unique educational needs and objectives. Skillshare comes with a huge amount of relevant content which is aimed to enhance and expand one's set of knowledge and skills.

Shared Learning Experiences

The lack of one-on-one classes might be seen as a disadvantage by some people. Still, most members perceive this as an opportunity to share their insights with other learners. This way, you can achieve a larger set of skills while also widening your personal worldview. Moreover, it's a great chance to reach a higher level of networking support.

Finally, Skillshare was created to promote creativity and both project assignments and video lectures will help you unlock your potential.

A Strong Community for Teachers

Not only is this website a great learning opportunity for students but it also provides an excellent environment for teachers who're looking to develop new courses and publish their materials. On the platform, tutors can create their lectures and share them with learners a lot quicker and easier compared to the traditional ways. Furthermore, if you're an instructor, you will find everything you need to know in Skillshare's step-by-step guide.

Lucrative for Professional Development

Besides helping students learn new things and enabling teachers to publish their courses, Skillshare can also help entrepreneurs and business experts earn extra money. Every time a new student enrolls in a class and audits video lessons, the creator of that course receives compensation. Another way to make some extra cash as a tutor is by referring learners to the platform's premium subscription membership.

Membership Benefits

Once you become a subscriber, you will receive full access to the entire course catalog, including the premium classes. You can also audit lectures offline but this is a feature that's available only for premium memberships. Nevertheless, the other members can also view courses in offline mode via the platform's mobile app. Finally, if you're not ready to commit all the way and pay money for online programs, you can still try Skillshare for free. You will receive 2 months for free, period during which you will be able to browse and enroll in thousands of courses.

Skillshare's Notable Features

  • Skill tags - instructors can now use skill tags whenever they develop or optimize a new course. The goal is to boost the course's visibility. This new feature is beneficial for students as well because it narrows down their search and provides them only with the specific courses that they're searching for;
  • Upload video lessons - If you're a tutor, you can easily upload your video lessons or tutorials on Skillshare, directly from your desktop. In other words, these classes are hosted on the platform and shown exclusively to your lecturers;
  • Easy process - as a teacher, you can easily include photos and rich text to your classes and all these are possible from your personal computer. Simply put, you will be able to publish content in your desired manner and order;
  • Interactive project steps - Skillshare is a project-based type of educational platform so step-by-step practical assignments are a crucial part of each course. Each milestone focuses on engagement and interaction.

How Much Does It Cost - Pricing Options

Because Skillshare comes with so many great features, most people tend to believe that its subscription price is high. The truth is the membership is quite affordable and there are several different pricing options you can choose from. You even have the possibility to be one of the free members who doesn't have to pay a dime but there won't be unlimited access to all the courses. Here are the other possible alternatives:

  • Monthly subscription - costs $15 per month;
  • Annual membership - this is more advantageous because the price is lower. You can either cover a monthly fee of $8.25 or pay a yearly bill of $99. This subscription helps you save 45%;
  • Teams' subscription - this membership is billed annually, per student. Some of the perks of this subscription are retaining your employees and upgrading their performance.

Skillshare Review - Bottom Line

In today's review, we have discussed the major features of the Skillshare eLearning provider and we took into consideration both its strengths and its downsides. Now, it's time for you to make a decision. You can begin by completing the 2-month free trial to explore the platform's features and see whether or not its courses meet your expectations.

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