Udemy might be the largest, but is it the best?

  • Nov. 17, 2018

You want to learn something new and decide to take an online course. That is a pretty good idea. You just have one open question:

Which online course should I take?

Where can I find the online course I'm looking for? There are so many platforms and marketplaces that your search might take longer than doing the actual course.

Most people start their search with Google and you can be certain Udemy pops up. Not because they are the best, but because they are the largest. And they are the largest because they were among the first ones that offered online courses. And with millions to spend on advertising they make sure they pop up each time when you search for an online course.

But being among the first ones doesn't mean they are the best. Let's mention a few of the things you often see in reviews about Udemy.

What people like about Udemy

People like the large diversity of topics they offer. Whatever topic you are looking for, they offer a course on it. And they have pretty good courses too. Especially when you are looking for a beginner course they have quite a large selection.

Another thing people really like is the look and feel. The pictures, fonts, colours; everything is just "right".

Among the thousands of courses there are some really good ones. What people also like are some of the courses. Certainly if you consider the price (after a 95% discount, read further). You just have to find these quality courses. This brings us to what people don't like about Udemy.

What people don't like about Udemy

There are a few things many people don't like about Udemy. And based on my own experiences I fully agree with them.

What many people really dislike is the pricing. Everywhere on the web you find websites with coupons for huge discounts. Don't get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with coupons and giving discounts. But when the majority of people get a 90% discount and you paid the full price, you would feel screwed. At least I would. See below to screenshots. Same course, same day, different browsers, different price.

Screenshot of Udemy course for $ 12.99

Screenshot of same Udemy Online Course but priced for $ 199.99

The other main thing people don't like about Udemy are the reviews. Almost straight after starting a course students are asked to give a rating. Just to get rid of these requests they give a rating (mostly 5 stars) and a one-liner how great the course is.

This does not give me the confidence the ratings truly project the opinion and experiences of students. So what do people say on platforms out of the Udemy control?

Udemy ratings compared to the average of its competitors

I did some research on independent review sites and made some calculations to get the average ratings people give Udemy and what ratings they give to its major competitors. The results were more than interesting.

pic alt text

Average Udemy Ratings vs Average Industry Ratings

The first 4 rows are green and that's positive for Udemy. People give them a higher rating than its competitors. Only 2 rows are red, meaning people give a lower rating for Udemy than for the rest of the elearning industry. This might give you the impression people are happier with Udemy than with the other platforms.

However, looking at the number of people that have given a rating, we see that has by far the most reviews; more than 10 thousand! And on this site the average Udemy rating is only 2.8 compared to a relative high rating of 4.3 for its competitors*.

Is there a good Udemy alternative?

The main advantage of Udemy is its marketplace. One entry point that gives you access to courses on a large variety of topics. So the question is:

Is there better a alternative for Udemy?

And the answer is yes, there is. is a search engine for online courses and a better alternative for Udemy. It's a platform with a similar number of online courses but with a much greater diversity. Not only on topics, but also on teaching styles.

On the Udemy marketplace you find courses delivered by one and the same platform: Same type of courses, same price range, etc. And you always see the courses Udemy wants to sell first, not necessarily the ones best for you. has a different approach. They offer you a single entry point to search on all major online course platforms. Search for any topic and you get a clear overview of all courses available to you on Coursera, edX, Edureka and many more. This means you are not only offered a great variety of topics, but also a very diverse range of course types (self-paced, online class, instructor), course levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), course durations and last but not least: prices.

Summery & Conclusion

Is Udemy the best? Not according to their own students. They get significant lower ratings than their main competitors get from their students.

Is there an alternative to Udemy? Yes, there is. provides you a platform where you find the courses you are looking for. Offered by a wide range of highly rated course providers.

*Other plaforms we considered in the calculation are: Coursera, PluralSight, SkillShare, Lynda, Treehouse, edX, Udacity, Creativelive, 360training, Virtual College, Edureka, The Great Courses, SimpliLearn, ShawAcademy and Mindvalley

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