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  • July 4, 2019

The field of corporate finance has witnessed significant development and recognition over the last couple of decades. Because of this change, more and more career roles have appeared and these new responsibilities must be handled by skilled and specialized individuals, one of which could be you. With any of the following educational programs, you will become able to make wise and effective financing decisions while managing investment-related tasks.

Some of the concepts you may learn about are financial valuation techniques, cash flow, pricing models, capital assets, financial policies, risk and return, capital budgeting, risk analysis, acquisitions, corporate capital structure, mergers, and many others.

It doesn't really matter if you're just getting started or if you're already a financial professional. Adding new upgraded skills and abilities that you can also include in your resume is always a smart thing to do. Not to mention that having in-depth knowledge about the world of finance can help you in your personal life as well. We honestly and strongly believe that all people should achieve a strong understanding of how the finance mechanism works.

Our team of dedicated experts has compiled the following list that contains some of the best and most reputable corporate finance online courses. Among them, you will find valuable information, knowledge, materials, resources, classes, and tutorials. These programs will suit all students, no matter if they are beginners, intermediate learners, or experts.

The Best Online Courses about Corporate Finance


You will gain a firm understanding of corporate finance, including accounting principles and financial analysis, how value is created by global markets, the choices firms face when making financial decisions and defining attitudes towards risk. The Specialization concludes with a Capstone project that allows you to apply the skills you've learned throughout the courses.

  • Course duration: 75 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Course price: $ 49.00 / Per month (7-day FREE trial)
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The study of Corporate Finance seems to be a very generic part of business education. Still, it either falls in the trap of intimidating formulas or is superficially journalistic. Both extremes preclude the understanding of the core finance ideas, concepts, and models.

This Course is an attempt to avoid the above extremes. We discuss the core basis and mechanisms of modern corporate finance in a learner-friendly way. We will analyze the market's most fundamental problems, realize the intrinsic interests and preferences of investors, reveal the true meaning of specific financial terms, and uncover important issues that are so often ignored in choosing and valuing investment projects.

The learners will gain insight into the essence of corporate finance. They will be able to use the obtained knowledge and skills to successfully advance in their career at a financial institution, as well as in the area of financial management at non-financial businesses.

  • ★★★★★  (5.0) based on 6 ratings
  • Course duration: 24 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Course price: $ 49.00 / Per month (7-day FREE trial)
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In this course you will learn how to use key finance principles to understand and measure business success and to identify and promote true value creation. You will learn how to use accounting information to form key financial ratios to measure a company's financial health and to manage a company's short-term and long-term liquidity needs. You will also learn how to use valuation techniques to make sound business investment and acquisition decisions. Finally, you will learn how to incorporate risk and uncertainty into investment decisions and how to evaluate the performance of existing investments.

  • ★★★★★  (4.8) based on 412 ratings
  • Course duration: 26 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: All levels
  • Course price: $ 49.00 / Per month (7-day FREE trial)
  • 10,410 people have done this course
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Successful business leaders are good at spotting high-value strategic initiatives for their organizations, raising the capital necessary to fund them, and knowing when to forego or walk away from low-value activities. In other words, the best business leaders are experts at maximizing the value of a company's financial, human, and material resources. This highly-prized ability, although remarkable, is borne out of an application of the core principles of finance, that anyone can learn.

In this course, you will learn about the structure of financial markets, the techniques and language of finance, and the various responsibilities of the corporate financial manager. You will also learn what creates shareholder value, how to value corporate securities, how to analyze risk-return, and the financial techniques for evaluating corporate investments.

  • Course duration: 70 hours
  • Course type: Virtual classroom
  • Course level: Advanced
  • Course price: $ 215.00 / One-time payment (FREE without certificate)
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This course will provide a general understanding of financial valuation, quantitative analysis of individual and corporate financing, and savings/investment decisions.

You will learn how to evaluate what an asset is worth, and how a variety of tools can help investors and managers make investment decisions. These tools include:

  1. Models such as the Gordon Growth Model and the 2-stage Dividend Discount Model;
  2. Programs such as Excel and a financial calculator;
  3. Formulas such as annuity, perpetuity, and growing perpetuity.

You will explore the time value of money and learn how investors value streams of cash flows that arrive at different times.

We will also discuss risk and return characteristics of different marketable securities, consider what it means for an investment to be risky, and examine methods of valuing assets.

  • Course duration: 30 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Course price: $ 150.00 / One-time payment (FREE without certificate)
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Business organizations are constantly engaged in financial decision-making related to financial planning, investments, capital purchases, etc. The right financial decisions play a critical role in maximizing an organization's business value.

  1. How do we value assets?
  2. What is a good investment?
  3. Does a project create value?

Corporate finance will address these issues to help managers make value-enhancing decisions.

This business and management course will introduce you to the role of corporate finance in an organization and the tools used to evaluate investment proposals.

The course will cover commonly used tools and techniques that help managers make decisions that create value for their organizations such as time value of money, opportunity cost, net present value and internal rate of return.

If you are interested in creating value for your organization, then this course is for you.

  • Course duration: 25 hours
  • Course type: Self-paced
  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Course price: $ 150.00 / One-time payment (FREE without certificate)
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Unfortunately, many people enroll in all kinds of online courses without really establishing clear and smart goals beforehand. This approach is definitely wrong because it lowers the chances of finding a course that's actually providing a well-structured syllabus and comprehensive classes. All of the above finance programs are created for those individuals who are aware of the things they want to accomplish, and we bet that you're one of those people.

Any of these courses can work as a springboard to make you proficient in any of your chosen fields of finance. It doesn't matter if you want to apply for a middle-management position at your firm or if you simply want to know the proper way to calculate your personal budget, make good investments, or even save on taxes. We suggest you look at some of these programs' curriculums and decide which ones suit you best.

These were our top choices of the best corporate finance online courses that you should enroll in. We truly hope you find exactly the program that you were searching for, the one that meets or even exceeds your expectations. Happy learning!

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