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Were you looking for some of the best FinTech online courses, programs, classes, tutorials, and certificates out there? Look no further! The following handy list contains all kind of useful resources that will kick start your FinTech learning journey. All of these programs will definitely improve your skills. Once you complete one of the certifications listed below, you will be able to pursue a targeted career in this particular field of activity. In other words, you will be on the path toward success.

FinTech is an emerging industry. However, despite it being new, it is very promising and …

Men sitting behind desk discussing Corporate Finance topics

The Best Online Courses to Learn Corporate Finance and Boost Your Career

Corporate Finance is part of our Online Finance Series

  • July 4, 2019

The field of corporate finance has witnessed significant development and recognition over the last couple of decades. Because of this change, more and more career roles have appeared and these new responsibilities must be handled by skilled and specialized individuals, one of which could be you. With any of the following educational programs, you will become able to make wise and effective financing decisions while managing investment-related tasks.

Some of the concepts you may learn about are financial valuation techniques, cash flow, pricing models, capital assets, financial policies, risk and return, capital budgeting, risk analysis, acquisitions, corporate capital structure, …

Our team of experts has created the following list of some of the best Excel training programs, all of which are advanced courses. These certifications will help you master Microsoft Excel and are perfect for more experienced users. We thought that it will be a useful initiative to come up with this guide which offers an overview of popular Excel learning programs for specialists and professionals. After all, this spreadsheet software is an excellent tool if your work includes activities such as reporting, financial analysis, and many others.

In fact, Excel is often used in many types …

Coins on top of each other which symbolises what you learn with the Online Courses about Financial Accounting

The Best Online Courses To Enhance Your Skills in Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is part of our Online Finance Series

  • May 30, 2019

If you're interested in finance, say no more! There are hundreds of available courses out there and we have compiled some of the best of those programs which are focused on financial accounting. This specific field of finance deals with things like reporting, analysis, and other activities which are related to a business' financial transactions. Financial accountants must prepare financial statements that third parties will be interested in. Among those interested groups, you will find suppliers, banks, investors, stakeholders, employees, and government agencies.

The following list of financial accounting courses covers a wide range of online resources. They will …

Financial graphical overview which is what you learn with the Online Courses about Management Accounting

The Best Online Courses to Deepen your Knowledge of Management Accounting

Management Accounting is part of our Online Finance Series

  • May 30, 2019

Those of you, who want a prolific career in management accounting, should seek a course about this subject because an educational program is always a good place to start. The courses listed below offer the necessary foundation to achieve lucrative positions in various professions that are linked to the accounting process. So, if you want to successfully manage an entire accounting department, you must first instill the necessary qualities.

Optimal programs provide comprehensive coursework that combines both theoretical lectures with practical workshops in order to prepare you for your future role as a management accounting specialist. All these courses …

Dices to symbolise the risk related to the Online Courses about Financial Risk Management

Top Online Courses to Learn Identifying and Reducing Financial Risks

Financial Risk Management is part of our Online Finance Series

  • May 30, 2019

All companies and their employees must know how to calculate and sometimes prevent uncertainties and risks. Otherwise, the business will suffer from a lack of knowledge. Without knowing potential risks and finding proper ways to mitigate those issues, your organization will incur losses. There are plenty of risks that a company could face such as adversary attacks, legal risks, natural calamities, credit risks, and more.

This is where the concept of 'risk management' comes in handy. It helps employees and business owners alike to achieve a deeper understanding of the types of risks they're facing as a strategy …

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is a multi-layered computer program that plays the main role in integrating all kinds of functions at an organizational level. At first, when this software was created, it was only used by large firms that had their own mainframe servers. However, nowadays, ERP solutions can be easily developed and applied by small and medium enterprises.

Research estimates that the market of ERP software will continue to grow and that, by 2020, we will witness a boost in sales of no less than over 7%. These financial systems are now used in a …

The concept of finance business partnering is useful for when you want to add value to your company. By completing one of the following courses, you will learn how to act in a more commercial manner and you will become able to influence significant business decisions. Being a skilled finance expert is not enough in today's world. You also need to build strong and long-lasting partnership relations. After all, influence begins with relationships. And how can you influence business partners if these people don't trust you? Through any of the courses mentioned in our list, you can create rapport …

Simplified visualisation of Finance which is related to the Online Courses for Non-Finance People

Finance for Non-Finance People

Finance for Non-Finance People is part of our Online Finance Series

  • May 30, 2019

Even if you're not a finance guru, you can still gain some new skills that will positively impact your business decisions and improve both the performance and profitability of your business. Any of the following programs will teach you the basics of finance and you will understand the factors that drive your company's growth. Upon completion of any of these courses, students will have achieved general financial knowledge as well as an in-depth understanding of how their decisions can affect the entire organization.

From financial analysis and forecasting to cash flow,planning, strategic financing, and budgeting, …