About eLearnScanner - Your platform to the best online courses

Why eLearnScanner

Before you start an online course you want to know what courses are available and what other people think about them, so you feel confident about your choice. At eLearnScanner we are dedicated to help you find the right course. With our search engine you find online courses offered by the major course providers and you can easily compare them.

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What we offer you

We want to open the world of online learning and to give you direct access to all online courses, so that you find the best one for you. The one that

  • meets your learning style
  • fits in your time schedule
  • stays within your budget

so that you can Learn, Grow and Succeed.

How you benefit

With eLearnScanner you have one platform to find the courses you're interested in from all major course providers. With a straightforward filter and search functionality you easily find the courses that meet your requirements. And in our blog posts you find additional information on the different course providers.

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What if people don't have access

Our vision is a world with boundless access to online education for everyone! Online access is common for most people, but not for everyone. We support projects to bring people online and to give them access to online resources so they can also Learn, Grow and Succeed.